Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'ma Leavin' On a Jet Plane

OK, I've already left. I'm enjoying some warm weather and sunshine in the Southern California Desert. My friends Chuck and Carol invited me over for a week. It does feel nice to be away from the cold for awhile. It is about 80 degrees. I understand it's been around 20 degrees back at home. I certainly am not missing that.

As we lounge out on the covered patio, a ducky pair come to visit between 4-4:30pm daily. It's always nice to see them. She is more adventuresome as she'll come a little closer, but he stands back and watches. They get pieces of bread (I know, not good for wild birds, but no one listens to my soapbox) and she gobbles it all up. Even when thrown to him, he'll not go too many steps to get it, she'll scoop right in and eat it all. 

...and to see colorful blooms? yes, please.

There's also a few hummingbirds hovering now and again, and it's always a pleasure to see them. 

So, I'm enjoying all that is here, and am also getting a bit spoiled by host and hostess. How can I not love that? Unfortunately, R. had to stay behind and mind the house. No, really, his job pretty much requires him to be present through all the days that snow or ice might come to our neck of the woods. Although he is missed...well, it's just nice being the one doted on. :)


  1. As we endure another day when the temps dtruggle to get out of the 20s, I say your best bet is to stay out

    1. Oh, how nice would that be. Unfortunately, I'll be making my way back soon. :(


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