Friday, April 3, 2009

Lucky Friday

Typical of my nature -- I'm going to the Odd Ball tomorrow night and I still needed to get shoes to work with the costume and I need to make the head piece -- and I wait until the last minute. 

I went to my local favorite thrift store where everything is soooooo inexpensive, to look for a pair of shoes. I was looking for something with a pointyish toe and not too high of a heel. Something in a deep royal blue with a hint of purple in it. Not asking too much, right? Well, I figured I'd have some luck finding a shoe that I could at least paint to match the blue of the costume. That's one of the great things about being an artist...can't find it? make it up. Heck, it's just for a costume, not Cinderella's ball. What do I find? a HUGE pile of shoes, literally, in a pile, but no size 9. Sizes 5 - 8 1/2, and then 10's. No 9's or 9 1/2's. Of course, because this is how it is when you wait until the last minute. 

I still had the blue pointed toes in my head in case the universe was on my side. OK, time to try the Goodwill in town, and if that doesn't work, well I have a pair at home that I could paint, even though they will hurt my toes while I stand on them for 3 hours. I don't have time to be running around to other stores so it's Goodwill (fingers crossed) or figure out something at home. 

If you're anything like me, it took me a few minutes to actually get to the shoe area because I had to check out the home goods section just in case there was something I needed...then the purse/bag section, never know what might be there that I could alter...then over to the shoes. I looked at them all. There was the same problem of not finding my size and black, brown and red were my choices. I finally found a pair that could work but they were more of a casual style. I gazed, I pondered, I went around again...nope, nothing. 

(This happened once before with a similar blue color. I was looking for a pair of corduroys in this same blue to match a child's drawing I was going to make a stuffie from. At the end of the rows after looking for awhile, there it was! A pair of blue wide wale corduroys! 'Benetton' no less, but very 80's so I didn't feel bad cutting them up. I'll pull the pics together and show you at another post.) 

So I checked out the home goods section again and found a couple things there. I have a tendency to have hope so I went back to the shoe section and there they were! 

Blue, somewhat pointed, not to high heel! A little too big at size 9 1/2, but doable, AND I had a feeling they were the exact blue. I bought them (1/2 price I found out at the counter, total cost $2.50) brought them home and you'll never believe it unless you see it...

THE EXACT SAME BLUE!!!! NO WAY!! and HA HA HA Hoo Hoo Hoo. Lucky me. I'm pretty happy about that. 

Now, tomorrow I will be making the head piece. It's in my head how I'm going to do it with a couple glitches I'm figuring out, and like I said, I wait until the last minute. I really do not enjoy stressing myself out, but I seem to work well under pressure...well, if I only focus on one thing at the time. Don't ask me to two or more, I have a hard time with that when I have plenty of time! Actually, the fabric I bought for the piece I decided today that I really didn't want to use after all. The fabric I wanted to use was somewhere, hidden, in the boxes that had still not been unpacked and stacked. So, I, of course had to take on that task. Procrastination at it's best. I didn't find the fabric I was looking for and I'm miffed for two reasons. 1.) I wanted to use it, and 2.) what the heck did I do with it??? Guess I'm going back to fabric Plan A!

Ciao for now!

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  1. Wow, lucky you finding a pair of shoes just the right colour. I remember looking for a pair of red shoes for a New Years Eve party, I trailed my hubby and my son around and around Newcastle. I was really fed up by this time and as we walked into the last shop there they were, exactly what I had been looking for.


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