Friday, April 17, 2009

Where did the week goooooo??

Wow, it's Friday. I have pics to take of a wonderful vintage print. It's actually a polyester pant suit that is in mint condition and too big, but I had to have it for the print. Will share in the next couple days. It's been a crazy week, I haven't been around the computer much which in a way I liked, but in a bigger way...I didn't. Next week I'll be back on track. 

Today is around 70 degrees and beautiful. I was going to take the motorcycle out, but I am not feeling 100%. If I feel off, I don't take it out, I feel safer that way. You really have to have all your wits about you when riding.

I noticed on a friend's laptop IBM computer that my blog's text looks different than on my computer. The headings are very very small, almost not readable, but on both my computers (mac and pc) they are what I want them to be (readable for us over 40's.) Anyone else seeing it differently?

Happy Friday!!

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