Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vintage Sunday

First, I want to show you the great polyester vintage ladies' pant set I talked about. Mind you, the style is not what is great, for me and my body type anyway, but the fabric said "take me home now!"

You can tell Spring is here when it's warm enough in the a.m. to grab a coffee and head out to the flea market. It will be a regular adventure for the rest of the summer and into the Fall until it gets too cold to have any fun there. 

I was looking for a light fixture for my kitchen but I found great fabric instead. 

They are a mixture of handmade tablecloths and bedspreads. The Green stripey one may end up on my bed and the others will probably be cut up and made into other things. 

Then there is this great graphic floral -- 2 yards of yeyyyyyy!! 

and two panels of this floral in a metallic bronzy-gold on white. I was told they are made out of fiberglass (1940's?) I'd like to test them but what if they really do catch fire?? I didn't have an exact measurement on them so I did a guesstimate. They ended up being the perfect length for my house!! Hey, at $8 for a set of panels in a wonderful print, I'd have made them work, or made them into something else. They will look good against my sky blue on a beautiful sunny day with wispy clouds, walls.

Unfortunately, in the pictures you don't get much of the metallic finish sparkling for you.

I started cleaning out the garage today which is holding all my "maybe someone can use, keep it from the landfill, too good to throw out, stuff." A tag sale will be happening in May and I'll have more space so I can actually put the motorcycle in MY garage instead of R's. I brought a truck load of furniture over to my very dear friend's large shed because it will be at his house that the sale will happen. He always asks, "Denise, when will you stop having the need to save/rescue things?" Well, I went into his house and pointed out 5 vintage things that I have given him that rest in his living room (and look great with his clean modern styling) and reminded him that everyone complains that I save things from the landfill, but that they seem to forget the deliciousness they receive. OR, when they call me and say they are looking for a certain something and I happen to have it -- They are certainly loving me then!! 

Well, I think it's time for some library book reading, new magazine reading and a hot fudge sundae....oooooh oooooh....with banana!!

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend like it was (unexpectedly, those darn weather men) here.

Sleep well.

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