Monday, May 18, 2009

Bandit Boys

I've been so busy with work, house and garden that I haven't had time to be making things. I had! had! had! to make something before I went crazy. The ideas are always there wanting to make their way out, and this weekend I took a few hours and did something about it. 

Going through boxes from storage, I found 3 more that contained fabric. There was the, "oh, good, I do still have that," to the, "um, I don't like it anymore, make a pile and add it to the tag sale." So, I got it down to two boxes full instead. As I was looking at all the yummy fabrics and feeling all the ideas zipping around in my head, I put aside a buttery color, comfy, worn, soft sweatshirt -- I had a plan, exactly what that plan was I was unsure, but I knew something had to become of that fabric. When a particular fabric intuitively feels good at the time I am looking at it and touching it, a design comes to mind after a few times of thinking about it and looking at it. I actually never had an idea before in my life to make a Bandit Boy, but after walking around this fabric, an image popped into my head, and voila! Bandit Boy was born. 

Actually, two were, but the other is not quite done. Then there are two more that are cut out ready to be sewn, also. I'm hoping to be able to post their pictures in a few days. It's a busy week so keep fingers crossed for me.

Well, it's Monday morning and there's still lots to do before heading off to work. It's a little grey right now with expected temps of 60's...a good day to be inside working. It's hard when it's warm and sunny -- those days I want to be outside working, soaking up vitamin D and feeling the sun smile upon me. In New England, you have to take advantage of those types of days if you can, because you never know when it's going to be back again. 

Have a great day!!

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