Thursday, May 7, 2009

Changes are being made

Now that the floors are refinished I've been in a better mindset for doing everything else that needs to be finished -- it's a loooong list, but I'll attack a little at a time. 

The living room received a fresh coat paint, but first I painted the ceiling a light-greyish blue. I've been painting each of my ceilings as I paint the room because I've not been thrilled with this big white "sheet" as as as as, (oh darn, what's that designer's name?) says it in one of his books. Makes it feel a little cozier. With that came the washing of the walls and all trim. So, then I figured, well, might as well freshen the walls with paint, too. You don't know what this entails...I hand brush my walls. After moving into the house, I skim coated the walls in 3 rooms, they ended up so smooth I couldn't imagine rolling the paint on and getting the texture from the roller. Hence, I now handbrush the walls, and my friends will tell you...the colors change regularly. And I do this why???? When redoing the kitchen/dining area (a wall had been taken down between the two rooms) I thought "is it necessary to do the skimming and hand painting?" I decided I could live without it being done here, too. I just can't think about it too much. The saving grace is that there will be an all over repeat stencil pattern so it won't matter too much.  

So, I brushed the diluted paint in the living room. It looks clean and fresh. Ideas are flying as to what type of artwork I will put on them. Usually I like a tone-on-tone look, but I'm thinking there might be some color involved. I want to take advantage of the room being empty, oh, except for the vintage sofa in the middle of the room. My friend Lenore graciously stored it for me for a few months after purchase. I have good friends.  

My dogs have been without a sofa for about a year....I thought they'd forget how to jump up on one, and the 15 yo I thought for sure wouldn't risk it...wrong!! they are loving it!!

OK, so fresh walls, fresh ceiling...hey! wait! why don't I paint the door? Yeah, add another thing onto my list! Oh, what the heck. Actually, it's more fun because I haven't been pondering it forever and just decided spur of the moment. Here's it's 'during' stage...

it's an acid yellow/green in a striae, then I will put a deeper lime green over this in a striae. Fun fun. 

Of course, snacks are necessary when working so hard and I liked this color combo (I've been loving oranges lately) and the camera was nearby, sooooooooo.....

My new foster dogs -- I now have 8 more paws in the house. I only freaked out a little the first couple of days with the new floors and all. 

Here's Cody, he's a sweet boy. 

Rudy, his canine sibling got camera shy after the first picture I took of him. Because I'm such a GREAT photographer, that pic went into the trash bin. Cody is 9.5 years old and Rudy is 5. They are both good boys. They are quiet, except when they feel the need to protect me from outside intruders, they hang out (they're liking the sofa, too) and they play. Cody loves his toys even if he has to play with them alone. Both of them couldn't care less that my other two dogs are here. I've been fortunate that the 40+ dogs I've fostered have been dog friendly, even when the original owner wasn't sure if they would be. 

A lot of times when we get canine siblings in together we don't feel the need for them to be rehomed together once we get to know their personalities. Most times, they actually do better when separated and getting individual attention. These two like being with each other and they play together. Rudy is the more dominant of the two. Hopefully, someone will be interested in adopting them together. They will stay with me until they find new homes. Cody has gotten to my heart because of his sweet demeanor and lower energy. Rudy is very curious, energetic, and likes to rumble if you're willing.  

At the flea market the other day, I couldn't help myself -- I had to get this little bunny. I like his oddness, I don't know what it is that draws me to certain rabbits. I like them when they are a little odd or scary. This one has barely readable writing on the side and it has R's name on it so, of course, that cinched the deal.

OK, I must get it together and load my car (in the rain) with my painting gear. A bedroom and bath are awaiting color!

Have a great day!

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  1. AND I love what you've done in your house but the colors you used on your door are just yummy!! Makes me want to do some painting in my own house...again.


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