Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lucy is a Pip

Little Lucy girl is also a Houdini Girl....she did great this long holiday weekend camping. She seemed more comfortable and interested in being outside and with people. She's quite different at camp than at's kind of funny. It's almost like she feels a sense of freedom.

On Sunday we were playing a game of Mexican Dominoes...just learned it the day before, and it is A LOT of fun...especially when it involves a couple of cocktails....ANYWAY...all 3 dogs were tethered to my feet...

sidenote: Hanz and Weezie are usually on a long lead but they are notorious for getting wound up into something, therefore, shortening their leash which causes complaining on their part and aggravation on my part. Lucy had been connected to a heavy chair but as I was walking around doing a bit of things I suddenly noticed a dog walking around outside of their leash was Miss Lucy Goosey. She decided that she did not want to be attached to anything and chewed herself free....and she just wandered, sniffing away. they were tethered to me. They were happy because they were right near us and no one was going anywhere so they didn't feel the need to have to go, too. So we played a few rounds of dominoes, had a couple beers, got goofy and silly and suddenly I realized that a few seconds before, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. LUCY!! she chewed through her leash again, claiming freedom. This time, though, she was making a run for it. Our site is up on a hill, which she doesn't really know because she can't see and she starts traipsing down the hill, through the brush, over the rocks and boulders, through the we chase after her. Fortunately R. decided to go around by way of the road and catch her at the bottom. She apparently had places to go and people to see. Once caught though, she was relinquished to the camper where she could only peer out the screen door...Now, on the list of things to buy -- a harness and a chain leash. She's so silly. We smile about her all the time. There's just something endearing and silly about her.

Lucy is scheduled for her eye surgery for July 26th. I'm excited to see what happens. We just got a 1.5 year old in with a broken pelvis and thought the money saved for her (a very small portion of it had been donated for her surgery) might have to go to his surgery...but it's looking good that his pelvis is healing because he is now using his leg more.

....This young couple owned the dog -- he is soooooo darn cute!! -- and the dog got hit by a car. He was brought to the vet, they couldn't afford the surgery but didn't want to put him down (which is good) and they were told that if he was crated for a month with little movement he would probably heal...which is true, I guess. After 5 days of trying to care for him, he hadn't pooped or pee'd in 3 of those days due to pain, they called us to surrender him. They waited 3 days before bringing him to us. Shelly had talked to them about his care, bringing him to our vet, x-rays, etc. and they finally, at 8:30pm, 3 days later, brought him to her -- AND FORGOT HIS MEDS! The puppy is in pain with a broken pelvis and you forget the pain medication??? like what the....? Fortunately, Shelly had something she could give him in the meantime of getting him to the vet. Well, we couldn't get the x-rays from the original vet because the owners didn't pay the balance of their bill, so we had to get him x-rayed. Because of the amount of time that lapsed, it was too late for surgery BUT after a few weeks if the healing isn't good then he will have to have surgery. So Shelly has kept him quiet, got new pain meds, a stool softener so that it's easier to go....and the little munchkin is starting to use his leg that he couldn't use due to the pelvic pain. Yeyyy for him...he even lifted his leg to pee...those Schnauzers, I'm telling you, they are stubborn and stoic!! If you keep an eye on our site for when he's ready to be adopted and his picture is up -- you will fall for him, too. He's so darn innocently cute and apparently a very good boy, too. The vet, during the visit of examining him, kept saying, "he's such a good boy".  He's so cute you want to squish him and eat him up.

So it's looking like Lucy can keep her eye surgery appointment...fingers crossed, nothing comes up.

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