Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Honoring Rudi

About a year and a half ago Rudi (age 4.5) and Cody (age 9), canine siblings, came into rescue. Both were black Schnauzers, Rudi being the more confident, bossy of the two...bossy to Cody. We rehomed them separately and they both blossomed into themselves and have been very much loved by their new families.

A wonderful couple, Terry and Frank came from Massachusetts to meet Rudi. They fell for him and he became an integral part of the family. If I remember correctly, Terry had had many dogs in her life but this would be Frank's first one.

Terry sent me a note the other day...Rudi had unexpectedly died. He had a good day of play in the morning and met a new dog friend Cody. Frank happen to videotape the morning fun. They went home, he had his nap and then was called to lunch by Frank. He was panting heavily and an immediate trip to the vet was made. He went from there to a specialty hospital and after stabilizing him, he went into cardiac arrest and couldn't be revived.

The following is part of the note Terry sent to me:

"We are heartbroken that our little angel is gone.  During the time we had Rudy, he enriched our lives so much and we still had so many adventures that we wanted to share with him.  Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Rudy.  He was a truly amazing dog and we will miss him always - that little schnauzer smile will forever be in our hearts."

Bless your little soul in peace.


  1. Boy, life just sucks sometimes.
    Thankfully because of Terry and Frank And You, little Rudi had a good happy home where he was able to play and enjoy himself. I'm glad that at least he was having some fun before he passed. My heart goes out to his family.

  2. Pity about Rudi. He looks a lot like like my Max, who died last December at age 5. He was hospitalized for a week before he died, but they never found out what ailed him. He responded for a few days to medication for Addison's, but then his kidneys shut down. He had been spayed the previous summer. Someone said I waited too long to have him neutered, and that was the cause. Is that possible? My previous schnauzer died at age 11 from an overdose of chocolate--he got into the Halloween candy when I wasn't home, and he was diabetic. It is because these purebreds seemed so delicate that I opted for a mixed breed with my third dog.

  3. Linda, please be assured it had nothing to do with a late neuter...we often neuter and spay 5 year olds and up with no consequences, you actually did him a service with the neuter. Sometimes we just don't know the answer, and, like humans, we also don't know when the time is up until it is.


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