Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Very Popular Boy

Meet Isaac -- he has become very popular since we posted his picture yesterday. A lot of people want him and why wouldn't they? He's handsome, he's house trained, he's a good boy and does a beautiful sit/wait without even being asked.

Isaac came to us because his owners have lost everything and the family member they are staying with won't allow Isaac to stay, too. Very sad story, one that has become too familiar for our rescue and I'm sure, many others.

Well, there are many people wanting to open their hearts to him, so I'm sure there won't be a problem in finding him a good home....once he's neutered, off he'll go.

Then we have Tilly....

Tilly was rescued by an older couple 3 years ago from a shelter. Recently, Tilly's mom died and her dad thought he wouldn't be able to care for her. Her paperwork says she's 10, but she's really more like 12. Her back legs give her some trouble and she often can't get up from a laying position. Hard wood floors are not her best friend but she's getting used to them here. Once she's up, she is moving around barking at the other dogs if they come near her. When she goes outside, she barks for me to come get her and bring her in, she can't make it up my two back steps. She is a marathon pee holder, it's amazing for a 12 year old. She loves to be petted and likes it up on my bed. I don't usually allow the dogs on my bed but she goes up for a little bit of TV and some nibbles. She really isn't eating much so I've resorted to all tactics for getting her to eat.

Tilly went to the vet yesterday because we decided we would give her a dental cleaning, even not knowing how long she'd be around. They did a full blood work up and found that she is having some kidney issues. She was put on a bunch of medications, none of which will she take. She's not eating much anyway and if I find something she will eat I give her a couple bites and then squish the broken capsule of meds in it....she knows. She's no dummy. She might be old, but she's still got it. So what's a girl to do? well, the answer is usually to hold open the dogs mouth and put the pill down to the base of the tongue and voila! Nope. She has jaws of steel. There's no way she's going to let me open her mouth. I finally gave up because I knew if I continued to try she'd get mad enough where she'd try to bite me. Sometimes, we have to listen to the dog and not force ourselves, our emotions, our need to make things last forever, listen to the dog, and stop. So, no meds, no dental and hardly any food. This also means, no adoption. The chances were slim even if she was healthy but at least there was a chance. So she will be here with me until she can no longer walk or eat. I will give her love, try different foods for her to nibble and put her up on the bed for a few minutes each night. Then I will have her in my arms when she goes into her final sleep.

I sometimes wondered why Gloria and Tom came along when they did to adopt Lucy. Yesterday I realized's Tilly's turn.


  1. Isaac is cute but I don't feel myself drawn to him.
    Now Tilly, That's the kind of dog that I feel pull on my heart. Thank God for YOU!
    (And thank goodness you live so far away or I'd probably want to drive over and get her.)

  2. I am sobbing at Tilly's story. I am holding Livia and sobbing like a baby. You reminded me again how precious our adoptees are. Giving Livia a new life and a second chance keeps me going. Sometimes I can see in her eyes she's remembering the abuse, starvation, neglect, and beatings. Then I scoop her up and hold her and love her until she's sleeping peacefully. Above all I want her to know that she is safe, that these hands will never, ever hurt her and that the rest of her life will be good. Thank god there was only 1 year of the bad and many, many good ones to come. Thanks Denise!

  3. Denise,
    I just love hearing about the love you give these dogs. Three weeks ago I adopted a chihuahua-terrier mix from SPCA in Monroe--and of course, I had to name her Lucy. I had been reading about your Lucy for weeks. This is a great blog--and you sound like an amazing and inspiring woman.--Linda

  4. Denise,

    thanks so much for responding to my problems with Lucy and the good advice. I will definitely get hold of the books you mention--I work part-time in a library and have plenty of access.

    I am surprised at your suggestions of raw meat--even raw chicken? Does that include raw hamburger too? Or are you thinking of more expensive cuts of beef? I'm not sure what bully sticks and trachea are? I guess I can find them at a pet store? The pureed raw vegetables is not something I would have thought of.

    Right now I give her Pedigree small breed dry dogfood soaked in warm water for a minute--topped with two teaspoons of Mighty Dog. I feed her three times a day. I used to give my old dog Science Diet and Pedigree kibble. Are there any other brands you recommend? What sorts of raw bone can these little creatures handle?

    She's eating so much better since the medications have worked their magic. When she started eating a little, I gave her quarter pills in little Mighty Dog meatballs. She had acute diarhea when she first came home--I guess that was the parasite.

    Today for the first time she played fetch with me. She never responded before, and I thought no one had ever taught her--but I guess she just wasn't ready She's a darling little creature--very social and affectionate, so I think she did not have a bad life for the most part. I keep wondering why her family cut her loose and what her history is. What went wrong? I'm thinking that perhaps after she had pups, they didn't want to pay to have her fixed. I guess I'll never know. All I know for sure is that she feels at home and loves to ride in cars.

    I'll Keep you posted and keep reading your blog. It's wonderful that you lavish so much care on the dogs you rescue.


  5. Linda, I sent you a private email 'cuz it was long, let me know if you get it.

  6. Linda, nope, you didn't get it...send my your email addy at my blog email... and I'll re-send to you.


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