Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Isaac Has a Home

While waiting for Isaac's new family to arrive, we had a little play time with Tweety. This toy is Hanz's favorite and will never leave the house because of it, but many foster dogs that come in find it to be their favorite, too. Isaac has had a lot of fun shaking it to kill it and carrying it around.

On Saturday Isaac went to his new home in Maine. The family drove 4.5 hours for this boy...what a long day for them but as you can see, Isaac has fit right in.

Isaac is so agreeable of a dog, it's wonderful. When the family came to meet him, he had no issues with new people being at the house, ran right to them and started to play. Kelen (his new human sibling) would toss the toy and Isaac would run right after it. Looks like he'll be getting a bit of exercise and lots of fun and attention.

Isaac also gets a new canine sibling, Martha. She is so adorable and has a story close to my heart. Martha came from a puppy mill and John and Kati adopted her about 10 months ago. They worked with her, allowing her space and time. If you go to John's website and click on Schnauzer, you will find her story and other information on Schnauzers, and, if you scroll down, click on "Who's da man, Isaac!" and see his first day fitting right in.


  1. WOW! This is SO cool! Thank God for those wonderful people. And for you too, Denise. :)
    I went to John's website and started to read.
    (I'm at work and I should be working so if I start getting all teary eyed they'll know something is up!) I can't hardly wait to get home and read more about Isaac and Martha! :)
    I love Happy Endings!

  2. If you look real close at the photo you can see Martha hanging out way in the back. We had a minor freak out when I noticed a spot of blood where Isaac had been standing, I rolled him over assuming it was his stitches weeping, but the were dry as the should be (he had no problem with me checking) then I touched his right front paw and he yelped. Then I saw what looked like a broken toe, so I called Dr. Morrissette and she squeezed us right in. It was a not broken toe, but a badly broken toenail right down to the quick and just short of small vein in there, so she had to numb his paw and clip basically the whole thing off and cauterize it. He got himself an orange boot and some meds, and was fine.
    The boot is off and now we're at my parents house for the holiday, and Isaac is a wild man! Boy does he love to tear around my parents house with Martha! Martha has now started to play with him (she has never been a player, so this is big for her) they take turns jumping and pawing at each other, and playing chase - of course at full speed. He has taken a shine to my parents Springer, and kind of follows him around like a mentor.
    When Isaac is not playing he is super friendly and so smart, so now I'm wondering if it might make sense to go through Delta Societies therapy animal program. That would mean a few trips down to Mass for on site trainings, but I think he has the temperament and core skills, if I can keep him from jumping when he meets someone I think he has potential as a great therapy animal since he wants to please everyone and doesn't have a shred of aggression.
    I'll blog about that as as we all settle in together. Thank you Denise for helping!


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