Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frankie Finds a Home

A couple came by this morning to meet Tink. I was excited for her, it sounded like it would be a perfect match. 

After all the dogs said hello to the couple (Ann and Alfred) and things started to settle down they took a seat and we started to chat. Frankie went over to Alfred for some petting and stayed there in a zone. Tink was being aloof. As we talked about the dogs they had in the past, Frank just sat there and Alfred chatted with him. Before you knew it, Frank was in Alfred's lap. Frank just stared at Alfred. Alfred looked back at him, continuing to stroke him and talk to him. They were so in love with each other, it emanated from each of them....and made me tear up it was sooooooo sweet. 

They had lost their dog of 15 years about a year ago and waited until Ann was ready to adopt again. Ann wanted to get a girl, she had great girls in the past and saw another in her life. Alfred didn't care of the sex, he just wanted a companion, a furry being to love and hang out with him in the yard while he works out there, a friend to accompany him to the campsite they go to, a traveler, a snuggler, a sidekick. It looked like Frank was up for the job. 

As Ann and I continued to talk, I sat down and as soon as I did, Tink landed herself on my lap and laid down, almost if to say, "sorry, I'm not going anywhere and you can't make me." 

I continued to talk to Ann about Tink and we both watched as Alfred and Frank made love to each other with their eyes. Jokingly Ann said that it looks like Frank should be the one going home with them. I had someone coming this weekend to meet Frank, and Tink would have settled in with them but I had to listen to the messages I was receiving from each of them. After finding out that they have a campsite, I told them they couldn't have Tink. She was too much of a high pitched barker. She'd be talking to everyone that went by. It's not fun to try to be peaceful at your site and hear a dog, especially one with a high pitch, barking away like she doesn't have a care in the world. Oh yeah, She doesn't have a care in the world!

Alfred had told Ann it was up to her because she wanted a female but the answer was sitting right in front of us. Ann said she wanted the dog to be her dog because the last one was more Alfred's. So Alfred handed Frank over to her and he sat on her lap giving her googly eyes. I said that he would be an equal lover to them both. The first dog they had in their lives was more Ann's and the second more Alfred's...well, the third would be loyal to each of them because he is a sponge for love and affection. 

This was so funny-- Tink wasn't paying them any mind until Ann had Frank in her lap. Tink jumped off me and onto the sofa to nudge and charm her way for Ann's touch. Frank had been straight in Ann's lap facing her....he got up, put his back to Tink, got in Tink's way and laid his head on Ann's chest giving her love eyes. You had to see how deliberate it was. He was staking his claim and no cute little female was going to get in the way. 

The whole experience was amazing to me. It just melded together. Frank knew he had to have these people. He looked back at me when he was in Alfred's lap again, and when they were getting ready to leave he 'front pawed' up onto my legs and looked at me with what looked like concern. I held his sweet face, looked him in the eyes and told him it was OK, that he would get lots of love and it was OK for him to go. With tears in my eyes I said goodbye. He is such a soul that touched my heart. I don't usually tear up when my fosters leave. 

Once that leash was on, he was ready to go, forward to the door, down the walkway and to the car, didn't have to ask him twice. 

He is going to be so spoiled, he won't know what hit him. This is the sweetness in the pie. He came feeling abandoned, had been the last to get attention in his former home, and the last years, which are still many to come, will be of pleasure, good treats and lots of love. 

I'll miss the boy....and this little girl here? she thinks she is home. I told her today someone will find her. She just looked at me as if to say, "no, I found you and here is where I will stay."


  1. I had goosebumps reading this lovely story!

  2. What a lovely post - bought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that Frank has found a permanent loving home.He just knew.
    Tink sounds like she knows where she wants to be.
    It must be so difficult for you parting with them after taking them in, but at the same time happy knowing that you've been a part in their finding new loving owners.Bittersweet i guess.


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