Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OH, OH, OH....A Thrifting We Will Go...

I dropped off some stuff at the thrift store and, of course, had to take a look around. I always go to the shelf unit that has fabric, and this was a good hit. Sometimes there's nothing, sometimes there's something...this was one of those times.

My eyes just glanced at this fabric rolled up and I KNEW IT WAS THE ONE, well, for now anyway...that I could put somewhere in my house. It's a heavier weight vintage decorator fabric. Unfortunately, only about 45" wide by 2.5' long. I think it will look great in my kitchen as a simple window treatment. I was trying to do something 'creative' on that window but there's not enough fabric for that to happen. It'll end up as a simple scrunched valance probably. This looks better in person because you can really "see" it. The larger of the flowers are about 5" and it's screen printed on a medium weight cotton canvas. 

then I found these diddies....

Mostly vintage. I debated whether or not to put the Cinderella novelty pattern on my ebay listings, it would make a cute backing for a baby quilt. I still might list it, who knows. I have so much fabric it's not like I don't have anything else for quilt backing. The stripey one is actually a pillowcase as well as the lime green leopard print, but hey, aren't pillowcases made to be cut up? 

I don't often peruse the needlework/craft booklet box but decided to and lookey what I found....2 booklets on Bargello. I really really like Bargello and hope to make a pillow sometime soon. 


  1. Cool stuff. On the bargello book on the right---the bright orange pillow is the pattern of the one I had made in browns and know, the pillow that Cassy ate upon arrival in our home, you know, after we adopted her from you. LOL.

  2. ya just made a sale!....

    (Oh, and I like that Cinderella print, that's cool. You will be shocked but I haven't been thrifting for several weeks!!!!)


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