Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Boy??

Nope, just one with a haircut.

how cute is he??? 

Frankie was so bouncy and proud this morning, I love it when dogs feel so good after they get a haircut.

This was him before his new 'do'....

See the difference in his eyes in this picture from when he first came here? in comparison to his eyes now? Yup, he's becoming more at ease, not worried, brighter, happy. 


  1. Yes! He IS more at ease! I find it takes 7 days then...usually...the foster dog comes in to their own OR is their real self. We did have one and it took two weeks. I'm always sure to tell the furever family how long it took for the dog to adjust to our home.

  2. I always ask new owners to give the dog some time. Even if the dog came here and seemed to have acclimated easily. At least the first week, don't show them off, have lots of people over to see the new baby, make them do a myriad of tricks. Just let them be. Otherwise, they feel like they have to be something for the humans and what they really need is just to be comfortable in being themselves.


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