Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chippy? Chippy? I know you're in there!

Schnauzers were bred as ratters and these two have very keen senses when it comes to little critters. I didn't have my camera when the initial excitement was occurring and they were both trying to get through the pile...


  1. I love it. A busy schnauzer is a happy one. Perhaps you should keep a small cage of critters somewhere and let one go each morning in the wood pile. That would keep the darlings busy for hours each day.

  2. I'm hoping that Angela is just kidding....
    I'm sure she is, I mean she is, isn't she?

    I was going to say something like, I hope they don't catch whatever they are after...but now I can't even think....
    but no, I'm sure she was just joking.
    Yeah, yeah...a joke, I just didn't get it.

  3. Cindi, not to worry, even if she wasn't kidding those Chippy's are too fast and clever for the ratter dogs that live here.


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