Friday, March 25, 2011

There Must Be Something in the Water...

Two more Mini's making themselves comfortable....

Meet Pepper (Peppy) 
and Phoebe
These cuties came in on Saturday not long after Tink left. Now that I've gotten to know them for a week I can tell a little about them. They like to relax. LOL Actually, Peppy is an 11 year old male that loves my sofa, loves his toys, especially his frisbee, and to hang outside. He's a very sweet mellow boy that likes to talk to the neighbors when he hears them outside. You can't help but give him hugs, he's a gentle soul. 

Phoebe is a very good girl and when not resting, loves to hang outside, talk when she gets excited and run around the backyard. She is 9 years old. 

They are both easy fosters, very quiet and calm but playful and energetic when engaged. Phoebe has someone coming to meet her on Monday and I received two other phone calls asking about her that I've yet to return. Popular girl in such a short time of being on our website. She's a short stocky girl that likes to be laying on a pillow when I'm in my office, or on her blanket when I'm in the living room, or about 5 feet away from me when I'm in the kitchen. That could be all about food rather than be about me, though, she's a food hound...typical Schnauzer trait. 

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