Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Tag Sale

I knew there wouldn't be much traffic today as people are busy with Sunday rituals. But I am happy that the McCoy owl planter (which I never took a picture of to show you and I really wanted to 'cuz it was very nice -- it looked like this, but better, it's about 8"x 9":
1_ff7303859969fedf251d2c0b2b3ec172.jpg (400×301)
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but it had a light tan brushed glaze that was not shiny and the inside was a glazed vanilla color -- much prettier than than brown glazed ones I found on the web and the eyes were larger, rounder, it was very cool. It was sold to a nice woman this morning that bought a few things. We got talking because her 7 year old daughter wanted her to buy the "Hooters" shot glasses. Mom cryptically explained why they wouldn't purchase them and the girl said, (ya gotta love kids) "But, Mom, they're owls" So Mom explained to me that they collect owls because their last name, which is Polish, means 'Owls' in English. I asked if she saw the hanging owl planter. I don't think anyone noticed it because it's beige? I thought SOMEONE would have at least commented on it. It has two sides, one with it's eyes closed and the other with them open in a big eyed vintage cool owl kind of way. So I showed it to her and she was so happy that I did because she definitely wanted it, she thought it was an excellent piece as well.  

One good thing about having a tag sale on Sunday is that with the little bits of people traffic I get to scan my google reader. I think it will never end that's how long it's been apparently. I'm still viewing stuff from the beginning of May, which is weird to me because it was only about 10 days ago that I went through the reader to the very end....or maybe not to the very end. Either way, I'm stirring my brain cells with new ideas and eye candy. Now that a lot of 'stuff' is out of my house, there's more room for the artistic genes to get back into motion. 

I want to shout out to Cindi, she, via email, shopped the tag sale so I'll be sending some vintage goodies out to Chicago this week! I love this resource of inspiration, sharing, shopping and making friends. Thanks Cindi!! She also wished me a 'belated happy birthday' on her blog, it's a riot! you have to check out the singing Schnauzers.

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  1. Hey, I'm not DONE shopping yet!
    LOL! I just sent you an email!
    XOXO - Cindi
    (apparently my last name means "dogs" in English! tee hee!)


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