Thursday, June 9, 2011


OK, pretty scary, hurricane type weather, thunder, lightening, heavy rain. 

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Wow, a lightening bolt just came in my window and almost blinded me! and the clap of thunder scared the bejeesus out of Hanzie. The poor silly boy, he's such a scaredy-cat, but at least he just goes and hides and doesn't pant and whimper endlessly like Weezie used to do when she was younger. Now she can't really hear and apparently see, or feel the's sad because she's so old, but really really good for my nerves. 

I just came back from nodule aspirations and unintentional thrifting. Came in the front door only to run out the back door to save a WWII trunk that I received on Freecycle, from rain, but I was many raindrops too late. Ugh. I had left it out in the sun to help to get rid of some lingering mothball scent. When I went out there I heard a big crack and loud drop and thought one of my trees came down, it wasn't mine but it was one at the house behind me -- it didn't seem to have hit anything. That was weird. I don't think I've ever heard a tree come down in a storm. Oh, wait a minute, except for the big hurricane in the 1970's...a huge oak tree in our front lawn (oh, it was such a wonderful shade tree) came crashing down between my house and the neighbor's, it clipped the neighbor's roof. I remember sitting on the porch the next day, in my cute dress, I was all about 10 maybe, the sun was shining and a few men were cutting up the tree. I was drawing on a small chalkboard that had a wood frame and a Daddy Long Leg spider crawled up my leg and I FREAKED OUT! I threw my chalkboard and screamed...because it FREAKED ME OUT! Oh memories.

My computer is unplugged, thank goodness for batteries, that's all I'd need is for lightening to strike, electrical currents go awry and zap out my computer...I'd be very sad. 

So, my unintentional thrifting... I didn't mean to do it, really. I was just passing by...but couldn't. I did keep my promise to myself to only buy sewing related things...oops, no I didn't...oh, but the extra things are for the camper, which means they are usable. Whew, saved myself on that one! Will show and tell as soon as these grey skies turn blue.

I hope if it's storming where you are that you are safe and dry. 


  1. Well........because I'm not watching TV this summer, I didn't realize that it was supposed to rain. So like an idiot, I was out watering my flowers last night. Then this morning I woke up, not because of the actual storm but because Rosie (my old Papillon) had scampered up under the blanket and was trembling on my chest. Then of course no one wanted to go outside to potty, not that I blame them...and as we drove to work, I saw traffic lights that were not working and tree limbs were laying in yards....guess I was lucky! and yes, we are all safe and dry (now)
    :D - Cindi
    PS - admit it, you're addicted. Just like me.
    You can't get that junk-monkey off of your back!

  2. What's a nodule aspiration? Scary looking clouds, we need rain here. Be safe.

  3. Jennifer....nodule ultrasound after my mammogram showed that I had nodules in the breast so I had to go to the breast surgeon and he stuck a needle into the nodule (he said they were cysts) and extracted the fluid from each one of two. A pinch here a pinch there and done. All is OK. I had one done 3 years ago, too. Of course, it's to make sure they are not cancerous.


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