Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tag Sale -- Day 2

Stupid things heard today....

"How much for the ugly lamps?" (and this was a woman asking, usually it's men 'to be funny') I said, "not sure what you're talking about as there aren't any ugly lamps." (they are victorian and a specific market of people would like them) She said, "well, I do like them, but most people wouldn't" I said, "What are you offering as I would like to see them get used" She said, "oh, I'm not interested, I was just kidding."


I had my MacBook with me for entertainment when no one was at the sale. I sat at the top of the driveway in front of the garage doors. The table to my left had a plastic container behind it that I sat some of my things upon, including my computer, the computer was also plugged in. The question: "are you selling the computer?" one guy actually started to open it. Maybe it's just me, but...


People don't want to spend more than $2 for something and you've just asked me if I was selling a freakin' Apple computer?

Like I said, maybe it's just me.

This is always good.... "how much for all this?" "$24 I say." "Will you take $15?" said with a look on her face that was a little privileged. I said, "you want me to take $9 off the total?" If I sold them separately they'd be more than $24 total, I was being nice. I said, "no, I'll do $22" she asked, "will you do $20?" in an indignant sort of way. I said, "no, $22" she said, $20?" I said "no." because at this point I'd rather give the damn things away than sell them to her if she wasn't going to pay for them. So she had her son put stuff back and bought just a couple things.

One guy had an item and asked how much, I said, "$5" he said, "will you take $2?" I said, "I'll take $3" and he said, "2.50?" I looked at him like...

Really?? um, no.

I understand the whole dickering thing, I do it myself but I try to be gracious and respectful and then make a decision as to how bad I want the item.

But, like I said, "maybe it's just me."

I do have to add that I met some really nice people that had already spent a bit of money elsewhere and they haggled a little -- or not -- because they see and know about the stuff I have for sale, and I had some enjoyable conversations.


I had a couple guys come back today after not buying items yesterday because they didn't want to pay what I was asking. I give them credit because if they were still there I would have given a lower price because I was in my second day. BUT the items were gone. Which I was happy about because they gave me a hard time about the price and I told them I sold the stuff for the same as what I was asking them for, which I did.

I'm not an expert but I know my stuff people.


See, therein lies a problem with me selling things. I get pissy at people that act like I owe them something. If you're nice, I'll more often than not give you the bargain you're looking for, but if you're a jerk? well, you can probably figure out the answer to that one.

It WAS another beautiful day, I am really lucky with how the weather has been on my side.

I hope you had a sparkly day, too!


  1. I have zero tolerance for rudeness . People need to be nice or keep moving on!

  2. You are, as usual, a brave woman. I hate tag sales--hate throwing one and hate going to one, for all the reasons you've listed yesterday and today. But, I bet I'd like your tag sales, as you have really neat stuff.

    Any time we've had one we've marked nearly every item for 50 cents to $2 and never had a haggling issue. More expensive items were on a totally other side of the sale, with an "attendant" with the patience to haggle.

    Hope you got rid of lots of stuff and have some $$ in the pocket to reward you for the amount of work this has been.


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