Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do You Gingher?

If you are a sewer or quilter, you must know about Gingher scissors. Beautiful cutting with the precision ground knife edge. I have a pair of dressmaker shears and although I really really like them, I like the metal, I like the weight, I like the cutting...they tire my hand out with a lot of cutting.

Recently I found out that there is now a spring action version. Yes Yes Yes. They are around $35 but I found mine, brand spanky new for $17 on ebay. What a beautiful thing. The ease of cutting is wonderful. You do have to remember to rotate the arm so that the blades do not stay open, I don't like that so much, but it's worth the ease of cutting. I know I couldn't have gotten a pair of Fiskars that I have read about that many sewers like, but I try not to buy plastic if there's a good alternative.

You should try them, it'll make your hand happy.

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  1. I'm with you on the spring loaded scissors love! I bought my first pair a few months back. Makes cutting fabric almost enjoyable. Quite worth splurging on! Yours look way fancier than mine though - I'm jealous!


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