Saturday, July 2, 2011


...since my last post where I said I'd be showing you my accidental thrifting finds in the next post..almost 3 weeks later and this is the next post.  

Two dresses, purchased not because they would fit me but because I liked the patterns so much, especially this one: 

If I cut it up it would make for terrific pillows, handbags, or SOMETHING! but then I get "cut it up" anxiety and think that maybe I should just resell it, would it be a vintage style that someone would wear? Probably. Finding that someone that would wear it AND have it fit them? would that be like finding a needle in a haystack?

This is similar in style:

The pattern cried Lilly Pulitzer-ish to me, another very nice pattern.

I couldn't pass up these shorts for the fabric to become something else. 

I also picked up this sewing box (sewing related items always get me)
and look what came in it...

It's a bit grungy on the outside so will probably get recovered -- add it to the list of my things to do. 

I'm wondering exactly what I've been up to that I haven't posted before now. Life, work and clearing the piles and piles of stuff and boxes and a sewing machine from the kitchen and living room including a WWII trunk that I plopped on my coffee table and oh yeah, a stack of magazines...the list just might go on. I can finally see my furniture again. Of course, if the stuff didn't go to the thrift store, it went to my office or the basement...not good. 

I've also been heavy minded in a decision to spend $500 on having this sofa reupholstered...
Love the sofa. Don't love that it's not cushy and inviting or comfortable to sit on. The plan has been to reupholster it in brown cheetah pattern. The fabric was purchased long ago. I was going to do it myself (insert laughter here) and finally gave up the ghost and called my decorator friend's reupholstering wizard. Said wizard can get me one of 4 levels of cush for the foam inserts. I poked at the back attached cushions and it sounds like they may even be horse hair. In the interim of my wishy washy 'what should I do?' I've been searching Craigslist for a vintage sofa that might be a bit more comfy. Nada. This search, I will have you know actually, has been on going over the last year. Everything I like, and there's not a lot out there in this area, still has that straight lined, maybe with a curve here or there, look. So, I think I'm pretty sure, maybe, I just might bite the bullet. So what if R. can't sit on it without killing his back? Well, he's got his man recliner...which I'm working on getting a more vintage simple styled one because I still hate it. Hey, the dogs like the sofa, that's what matters, right Cindi??? wink wink. 


  1. I spent $750 to reupholster a $30 thrift store club rocker. That cau ed me some restless nights. But when it was done...hallelujah! NO regrets. ever. Check out It's inspired.

  2. mmmmmm, but the dogs actually would be happy with a bean bag chair! so.....
    just to be MEAN because you don't live anywhere near this girl, look at this blog that someone referred to me (because it's kinda my style
    all recycled vintage! :)
    AND I'm thinkin' if you spend the $500. the very next day you will find the perfect cushie vintage sofa for the same price....
    I'm just saying.....

  3. oh, and I forgot. I think those shorts were mine at one time...
    and I'm am having HORRIBLE flashbacks now!
    Jeez, thx!


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