Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sasha Has Gone Home

While we (we, meaning the dogs and I) were playing around outside enjoying the nice weather, Sasha decided she needed a nap.

She is on her way home tonight with a very nice young couple that drove from Maryland to here in CT (they live an hour South of D.C.) What a long day for them and they didn't seem weary at all. They brought their sweet dog Maggie, who looks like a black Giant Schnauzer mix but is really a Doby/Poodle cross. Now they are on their way back with Sasha happily riding along. I'm thrilled for her as the couple is cerebral, thirsty for knowledge on how to be right with your dog, and just very kind and caring. It's a bit quieter around here. Now Bug has no one to boss around.

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