Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Sasha

Sasha came in a few days ago with her 11.5 year old sister Gretel. Gretel has gone to stay with one of our foster homes in Massachusetts. Gretel got attached to me within those few days and when I handed her off yesterday to her new foster mom, she didn't want to leave me. She looked at me as if to say, "what? what are doing? why are you getting into that car without me?" It was heartbreaking. I could just feel her vibe and, of course, got all teary and feeling bad. I know she will bond with Barbara as well, but it's hard at any age, never mind at 11 to be tossed around. 

Sometimes I can understand why someone needs to rehome their senior dog. Knowing the reasons for this one, this is not one of those times. 

Sasha I can understand. She needs more stimulation and time spent with her allowing her to be playful and active. She's improved in her lack of manners since the first day here. She seems more at ease. The first few days required readjustment from being given up, beat up by a munchkin, learning the ropes and competing with 5 other dogs. All of that can be rough. Her body language is more relaxed, she is playing with toys more, has found her place in the pack and is now able to enjoy the good life. 

Bug has been a tyrant to her. They've fought and argued and Sasha finally cried 'Uncle' but occasionally Bug feels the need to yell at her for being too close to her toy, being too close to her boy Hanz, being too close to me, or too close to her man R. Other times they are playing and wrestling. The best was when I was sitting on the sofa and I had two heads together on my lap and they were Sasha's and Bug's. Sounds like sister rivalry to me. LOL

She's a sweet girl, has a mildness about her that can change with promise of play or dinner. She loves being pet (but don't they all). I can leave her out during the day and at night without any issues. She's overall pretty quiet but lets me know if there is an 'intruder' on our street anywhere near the house. And, of course, loves to chime in if someone has heard the intruder first, even if it's me accidentally knocking something on the counter. Oy.

Cross fingers...we have a family already that has a possible interest in her. They recently lost their 15 year old male. They sent me a picture today and he looks like an old Wizard. I'm going to ask for their permission to post his picture, he's so cute.


  1. I hope Sasha will get her new family soon.
    But the Gretel situation gets to me. It reminds me of my Rosie. Little Rosie sleeps on my spare pillow every night next to me and gives me "kisses" in the morning when she sees that I've woken up.
    I shake my head everyday at the fact that she could be so easily discarded at the age of 10.
    And my eyes start to tear up when I think about the day that she will no longer be in my life...........I'm so lucky to have her.

  2. Cindi, unfortunately, Gretel's story is not a new one as I'm sure you know. But, most times the seniors come to us because their owners have died, been put into a home, or the family has lost their home and the new place to which they are going won't allow dogs. It's very sad.


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