Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harley in the 'Man Chair'

Now I think I'll call it the 'Little Man' chair. He loves it there and who am I to argue? His cuteness allows certain things.


  1. does he just have one eye?
    or is that a Bieber cut?
    and...don't hate me, but is his foot bent that way or is that just excess bandage?
    (glad ya like the zombie!)
    XOXO - Cindi

    (cuz his foot shouldn't bend like that)

  2. Hey Cindi,
    Partly it's the bandaging because it keeps that leg stiff, but mostly it's the fact that he has no feeling and his shoulder muscles have atrophied. Even with the bandage off he puts his leg behind him. It looks uncomfortable but he is perfectly happy.

  3. oh yeah, it's a Bieber haircut! LOL he has both eyes!


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