Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Harley And His Surgery

Harley had his surgery 13 days ago and it went very well. I picked him up the day after and thought I would have to keep him in his crate for at least a week. Nope. When I got to the hospital I heard the familiar bark in the back room. They had him out and walking around and he was doing great. They all fell for him, as most people do when they meet him. He is a character and likes to be heard. He was fully pumped with pain medication and had a pain patch wrapped around his neck and had pain pills, too. He was a little bit mellow for a few days and followed me around. The pictures above show him getting comfy on a newly thrifted chenille spread ready for the wash. He needed to be wherever I was and why not snuggle in some softness while I do laundry? After the third or fourth day he started to be more active and playful but cautiously. A couple times Bug bumped into him and a yelp was heard. The first few days Bug was a very good girl and must have known he was not himself. She hung around him outside but did not try to engage in play whereas normally she'd jump him in a second.

Here he is looking perfectly happy and sleepy with the Koala in the bed that just happen to not have another dog in it. This bed is often filled with a body or two especially now that it's near the wood stove.

It took about 9 days and he was completely himself again, barking away and engaging in play. I took him off the final pain meds because there was no longer a need. He went yesterday to have his staples removed and with 3 left, the Dr. pinched him and he took a fit yelling at the Dr. like there was no tomorrow. The drama of it was laughable. Then when the Dr. went to continue, Harley yelled at him more, not trusting him, which I can't blame him for. It was quite funny, though. Literally he was looking right at him squealing and barking letting him know that it didn't feel very good. Once done, he went out full barrels loaded talking and pulling and letting it be known that he was back to himself.

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  1. that is SO great. Makes ya feel all warm and happy inside I bet.


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