Monday, November 28, 2011

The Search Continues

I've been searching for another vintage sofa for months. I love the one I have but it's not comfortable and I've decided to not spend the money on reupholstering it, as I feel it might remain uncomfortable. I like to be able to curl up on the couch with a book, legs tucked under, with dogs used as blankets. I will probably cry when I release this sofa from my grip but I am generally a function before fashion king of girl. It would look so HOT in the cheetah print I bought, but...

Today I took some time to peruse Craigslist to see if something was there. I found 4 different styles. I don't want to recover any right now, but when seen up close, it may have to be done. I don't mind any of the fabrics, except that they aren't really dog proof.

Mid Century Modern Coolness... (would look great in the cheetah print)

Lime Green Girlie...

Long and Lush Rustiness...

And, I Think This Would Work But I Have To See More Of It... (or a better picture)

I've inquired about each. I'll have to go visit each one and try them out to see if they are curlupable, napable, and dog snugglable. Cross fingers.

Which one do you like?


  1. Long and lush rustiness, no question. Not sure how dog proof that velveteen is, though. You need to make you a slipcover, girlie!

  2. I like all of them but the last one the most.

  3. Pam -- velveteen is totally not dog proof, would have to have it recovered once they ruined it completely. Slipcover would take away from tufting. It does look comfy doesn't it?

    Ohhhh Jennifer -- a girl after my own heart. Now if I only had a big house...

    Although, this may all be for naught because none of the sellers have gotten back to me. :(

  4. I think #2 the green one looks most comfortable. I don't "like" any of them but appreciate your retro tastes and know you'll put something perfect together with a "new" couch on hand. Old upholstered furniture scares me. :)


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