Monday, November 7, 2011

Surviving the Storm

On Saturday at 5:17pm our power was restored. My internet has not been and here I sit at the library, where there's a log of talking going on in my general area. Hello people -- library -- quiet. Or did that go out the door when it became OK to go out in public with your pajamas on?

There are many in the local areas that are still without power, ugh. The buzz after the power came back on for many, and then again on Sunday, was all very similar...bed sheets were being changed, fresh showers were enjoyed and many loads of laundry were being done.

Sunday morning I awoke with a feeling of renewed energy but also a bit of a feeling of loss. The stresses of life quickly crept back in and the peace of no lights and doing things at a slower pace were being missed. Most disappointing was that the quality of sleep I had been getting, changed to being awakened by dogs that needed to go outside, and just being in a dream state rather than hard core wiped out sleep. Maybe I should have my neighbor keep his generator running for white noise.

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