Friday, September 24, 2010

Locks of Love

R's been growing his hair for about 5 years or so with a little trimming here and there. Last weekend while we were at camp, he said, "cut it off, let's send it to the kids that need it." So, he went from this

to this

Almost 14 inches off. Once I got used to it, I love it short now. His hair is naturally thick, soft and wavy -- many woman wish they had it -- I wish I had it. Now he's growing it 4 more inches and we'll cut it from the scalp area. Yiyyyy. not sure I'm ready for that one, it will take a day again for me to get used to that. But as he says, "it's only hair, it will grow again, and it will benefit kids with cancer."

My hero.


  1. Whoa! Look at that beautiful shiny hair!
    That's so cool of him.

  2. Knowing many people who could use that those georgeous locks.. Koodos to you.... I am very impressed and extremely proud to say you are my brother.


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