Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life's a Trip

Wow! been having lots of fun during my vacation time. Made our way to Nantucket after being in Wisconsin and enjoyed time with friends, relaxing and reading, sunbathing and playing Mexican Train which has almost become an addiction. 

Miss Lucy had some fun, too. Although Angela watched Lucy while we were in Wisconsin, she made the trip to Nantucket with us and stayed on for the following 10 days as we once again went back to Wisconsin. 

But I'll tell you about that in the next post....right now, let's enjoy some sun and beach time in Nantucket, and Lucy's happy face...really, it's a happy face, she'd tell you so. 

these beautiful photos were taken by my friend Chuck with his super duper digital SLR - Wowza!


  1. I simply adore Lucy's precious face all trimmed up!!! :)

  2. Of course you do! you did it -- stole her Schnauzer beard from her!


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