Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ray Caesar

I took a couple hours to clean off my desk and now I appear a little more organized, and I got some paperwork done. I have a tendency to jot down websites of artists that I want to take a look at but don't have time at that moment. I often don't find these notes until I do this type of desktop cleaning, whether it be my office tabletop or my computer files.

So, I revisit artist's sites to see if I still like them. Ray Caesar is a favorite. Because I'm a little old school and wanted his work to be painted with oils, I remember I had pushed him aside because his work is digital. Now that I've taken another look, I remember why I kept his information. I am very drawn to his style of work. The macabre, the surreal, the messages...there are messages, right? I'm not real cerebral when it comes to art, if it touches my soul, that is what I know....and this guy touches it.

Look at the beauty of this creature, sensuous, ethereal, naughty, sassy, surreal...

and the detail of this one...

There are so many more to ogle at, when you have some time, take a look see...he's got quite the imagination.

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