Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's All About Lucy

I have to share..................this morning and this evening ------ Lucy wagged her little stump of a tail!!

this is big doings over here. She wagged it only once before, when I was dropping my other two dogs off at my rescue partner's house for dog sitting, she got caught up in the excitement of many dogs (Shelly has, um, a few) and her tail wagged as she also put her paws up on the sofa (never done before)  I think she forgot who she was.

So, this is exciting stuff. I've had her since the end of December and I find joy in every new little thing she does. She's finding her doggy self. She's not always sure about it, but she's finding it. She even has "played" a little. very little. a little jump, a little down dog...I think she's learning.

I also found that when I left her in Nantucket with my friends, she bonded with Carol, who was diligently keeping the schedule of eye drops going. This is also a good sign. She can bond with others.

What's funny about Lucy...she comes to me with no problems when I have a little bottle of drops in my hand and I ask her to 'come.' She trots right to me. But if I have a treat (today it was peanut butter) she is hesitant, comes close, runs off, comes close, runs off...even though she knows she really wants what's being offered.

Yup, there's still work to be done, but progress is being made.

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  1. This is an awesome blog--I'm so glad I found it. I love schnauzers--may be looking for one soon. Are you in Connecticut, Denise, or in Mass?



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