Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lucy's Antics

I just got home, it's before lunch, I'm not feeling great, need to take a nap....

I walk in the house and am greeted at the door by Hanz and Lucy, Lucy looks guilty, or maybe it's just the fluff that's on her face and flits of it on the floor that makes me believe she is guilty of something. There's a shoe and a slipper in a place different from where they were when I left....Uh oh, what did she rip apart? She stayed clear of me, obviously knowing she did something wrong because I've never yelled at her and even now was not showing anger...curiousity? yes.

As I follow fluffs of debris toward my office (and where her crate is) I'm wondering what the heck she could have ripped apart.

A vintage pillow.

I don't think that is a look of remorse.

She's either just becoming more of herself, or she's effected by the fact that 3 foster dogs came in yesterday. She's been playing a bit with them when outside (YES! PLAYING!) and has seemed more animated with them here...maybe they caused too much of a racket while I was away? maybe she's just becoming a mischevous little creature now that she can see and is becoming more confident, maybe she doesn't like red pillows...

You know what this means though? she's getting braver in 'front paws up' on things....

funny thing is, I accidentally locked her crate today because I've crated the new 3 and just blindly did it, as I was leaving I realized it and I went back and opened the crate door. Not such a good idea, I guess.

She's laying in her crate, not looking at me, it makes me chuckle, I can't get mad at her she's so darn cute.

Well, I wasn't sure if I'd be keeping that pillow anyway....

As I cleaned out her crate I also found the other slipper and shoe underneath the mess of cotton fill. She had a lot of fun while I was away! I wish it was on video.


  1. What a little imp! So great to see her getting better and better. She obviously has your heartstrings :->

  2. Boy, she IS adorable! Even with pillow stuffing all around her. Sounds like SHE had a fun day! LOL! I know what you mean about have a video going. I have often wondered what they are all up to while I'm gone! They just look TOO innocent sometimes to really believe it. Glad to hear that she's being so playful!
    Take care, Cindi
    OH and I love the turquoise wall

  3. Hi GP -- she is often called "a little imp" around here! It is fun to watch her change and grow and, yes, she has my heartstrings. Today I was telling someone about her and I felt like a mom talking about her child with proudness in her voice. Watching her develop has been heartwarming.

  4. Cindi -- you should know about crazy dogs!! LOL

    Thanks for the compliment on the wall, wish I could tell you a brand and number but I mixed it myself.

  5. Gotta love that Lucy Girl! It's odd to be joyful about a dog being naughty, but we are.... especially because we didn't have to clean up the mess. I showed the pictures to the entire family and they were sooo happy for Miss Lucy. I'm just glad she didn't pull something like that on her little vacation with us.

  6. Angela -- she wouldn't have risked not getting her daily dollops of cream cheese!!


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