Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Telephone Doodle

I was traveling in my car today and saw this boy walking down the sidewalk. I thought to myself, "how can he see anything?" his hair was literally covering his eyes. Now I often see boys with the long hair and they constantly do the hair flip thing (which btw has to bother their necks, I went to a Halloween Party one year as Cher and did the constant hair flipping thing -- of course while I was pretending to sing and was dancing, too -- wine anyone?? well the next day my neck was sore and after awhile I figured out it was the constant hair flipping! ouch!) so, yes, their necks must get sore. But, I was also thinking about how if it was my kid (because I have an over active imagination I actually had the 'video' in my head) I'd have told him the long hair is OK but he really needs to get the hair out of his eyes....then I thought of whether or not it can affect eyesight, or how getting poked in the eyes with the ends of the bangs must be uncomfortable....and then I crashed into the car in front of me.

No, I didn't really, just seeing if I still had you with me.

So, on the phone tonight, I started doodling and thought of the kid and how when I was driving I thought I wanted to do a sketch of him and then remembered that when I was on the phone. Ta-daaaaaaaa.


  1. I remember as a kid, people telling me to get my hair out of my eyes and then time sped by and I end up telling my niece that she needs a headband or some clips to get her hair out of her did that happen?

  2. Great doodle! Love the flowers surrounding the face. Teens love their hair over their eyes, cuz then they don't have to look us in the eyes when they are lying themselves out of something. That's my take on it anyway!


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