Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to Do? What to Do?

I think we've gotten about 2' of snow so far and it's still coming down. Normally, I would have been out there a few times by now to keep up with it, but I guess today is not normal because I haven't and now it's piled high and I can hear the blowers going at neighboring houses. I don't wanna. I really don't, but I have to.

Hanz, my chicken boy has an incredible bladder control when it comes to rain or snow. But, when it's nice, I feel like I'm opening and closing the door 50 times a day.

So, as I've procrastinated in the snow shoveling department, I put up some new listings on etsy and got some new ones prepared for ebay to list tonight.

After snow shoveling, it will be studio time.

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  1. If you are lucky maybe the neighbors will come over and snowblow your house! That happened to me the other day and I was SO HAPPY!!!!!

    I featured your beautiful sketches over on my blog! Thanks again for thinking of my Blue!
    XOXO - Cindi


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