Friday, April 1, 2011

Words and a Glimpse

I've been very busy with the rescue dogs' vet appointments that are an hour away, getting a new dog in (I'll give you a glimpse in a minute) working and putting my stuff and a client's stuff on ebay. I just sold some needlework kits and I had to write about it. How sweet are the women that bought these? They paid quickly and left notes of 'thank you.' One actually thanked me for finding the vintage sampler she bought. This makes me smile and warms my heart. It's so simple, and unnecessary, but a reminder in this world of negativity and media doom and gloom, that people can be kind. I also have other things listed and was told by a guy that I had something in one of the groups of things, that I might not know was of value. He just wanted me to know. Nice Nice Nice people.

By the way...if you like Longaberger baskets and cross-stitch, I will be listing many many many of each over the next few weeks for a client. MANY! a few baskets have already been listed. Also,  Garden Gate magazine, Needlework magazines and embroidery thread plus plus plus.

Now, onto the new girl...

First, I have to say -- Tink will always have my heart -- but like lovers that have come and gone, they become a sweet memory, sometimes the longing lasts a short while, sometimes a long while, sometimes a new girl comes over and helps you to put that longing in a pocket.

Her name is Little Bug. Bug, for short, but you'll also find these words spoken: cutie, peanut, li'l bean, bugger...Tink will always be in my heart, she touched something deep in my soul, but Bug has a fighting chance to win it over, but in a different way. I loved Tink's 12 pounds of long thin body, moldable, pliable, lazy. This little thing is 12 pounds of stocky, muscular Schnauzer. Not lazy. Not going to stand for being laid in your arms on her back. She's more like a wind up toy. She's 9 months old and will grow only a little more...she's like a mini Mini.

She came in with the name 'Tipsy' which I didn't think suited her and that night R. asked, "where's the little bug?" and I loved it!! So I started calling her Little Bug - and she is a little bug.

She is such a good girl. Busy, busy, has to know what's going on. Smart. Excellent in the car. Snuggler. 12 pounds of cuteness....and if you don't know it already....I love the petite Schnauzers and teeny dogs in general. One thing that's great about her and I wish I had this quality...things don't bother her. I mean noises and stuff until she gets used to them, yeah, she'll bark. But, being tripped over, pushed around by another dog, tripping over something? nope, she just carries on. She's not a worrier. Obviously R. has taken to her, he doesn't let the fosters sit with him normally, I think he likes to maintain a distance so attachments aren't created. This little bug may have gotten under his skin. ;-)

Better pictures will come but you needed to see her.

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  1. It's just one little picture but I think Little Bug looks like a cuddle bug to me :->


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