Friday, April 8, 2011

2 More Schnauzers Go Home

Pepper and Phoebe are off to be spoiled in their new home. 

We had them listed separately even though they came in together, they didn't appear especially bonded and their personalities were so far on different ends of the scale. An applicant, Susan, put in for one of them....then for the other. When I called her and told her I had them both with me she asked if she could adopt them both. When I told her they came in together, she said, "well, they can't be split up!" So, a couple days ago she made the 2 hour trip here and whisked them both away. Now they will be able to roam a large backyard and what sounds like a large home, and I'm sure will be spoiled. 2 more lucky dogs. 

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  1. Denise, I'm always so impressed with animal rescue people. Thank you for doing what you do, and then saying farewell. It must be hard, but so rewarding.


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