Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't I Still Thrift?

Yup, Yup I do, but I've been very lax in showing my finds. A lot of it has been fabric -- well, because I'm a fabric whore -- but that's for another post.

Here are some recent finds, all slated for ebay (interested in something? shoot me an email and we'll work out the details.)

In the line-up
C. Jere, Artist's Cafe Wall Sculpture -- Vintage Sheet NIP
Travel Bar Case -- Pyrex Spring Blossom Casserole w.
Lid & Warmer Cradle/Server
Floraline Vase -- Pink Melmac Type Mugs
Religious Plate, Canada -- Pyrex Casserole w. Server-Warmer
Cocktail Pitcher -- Pillow Top
Chip & Dip -- Vintage Tid-Bit Tray

I've been researching C. Jere lately and POP, there's one right in front me all of a sudden. Funny how that happens. The Chip and Dip Bowl is not completely uncommon to find but finding one with it's brass bracket is. I had to pick up the Pyrex Casserole, it's in excellent condition and finding one with it's warmer is a triumph in itself. I have to look up the pattern as I'm not sure of it. The travel bar case has all of it's pieces, well, minus the alcohol, woo hooo. I had some luck with the Spring Blossom Casserole, too, as it has it's cover. I'm not sure if the tidbit tray came like that, or if it was put together by someone. I know there is a guy that makes the now, but the handle looks old enough that it was done awhile back, if it's not original. A little research on my part is needed. Whenever I come across this pattern I'm always drawn to it. If only I could find a whole set. It would break my self-imposed rule of white dinner plates, but what the hell. The way things come and go around here, they probably wouldn't be long lasting anyway because I'd find something new and exciting. Best to stay with the white, clear and black and white dinnerware thing I've got going on. 

'Tis the season for tag sales and I'm going to try and hold back. Still have so much here already that I need to move along. Will be having one of my annual tag sales soon to off-load (and make room for more?)


  1. Hey Abi, a tag sale is the same as a yard sale or garage sale. I grew up calling it a yard sale but when I moved closer to 'the city' (said humorously because it's the insurance capital of the world and the streets roll up at about 6pm) I learned that it's more often called a tag sale and was asked what a yard sale was! LOL


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