Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage Pillow Disection

There's a vintage pillow on my sofa that is often in my pictures of the dogs...

I need to clean it because of said was sewn together, no zipper, so I undid the stitching and took the cover off. 
Notice there is only one tassel, a certain nine month old puppy decided to make confetti out of one of them so I'm in the process of removing the remaining three since the chewed one is not salvageable. 

I knew it was a handmade item and wasn't sure what was making up the pillow form. When I uncovered the form I found seersucker fabric pieced together and sewn up. I should have photographed the opposite side, the creator used the pocket side of the shirt. 

This is what I found inside. 
The blue and bright red material looks like it could have been material for footed pj's. I love that there is one lone knee sock. The rolled knee-hi could be frightening if you're squeamish, and I think I'll find a project for the colorful floral bedspread piece. There's also a few pieces of flannel from a nightgown "Heavenly (something) of Salzberg." Yes, it will all get placed back inside. 

I have a stuffed baby bear of The Three Bears that my mom crocheted for me when I was about 7 (about 40 years ago) and I can see through the crochet that the stuffing is made up of cut up clothing or towels. I want to take a bit of it apart to see what's in there. I'm wondering if I'd recognize the material.

The funny thing is I have 2 large bags full of scrap material and cut up clothing that is no longer wearable. Instead of throwing it away, I'll be using it for stuffing -- recycling at it's fullest. It will become the innards of planned dog beds. 


  1. but of course. I'm surprised that you hadn't used scrap material for stuffing before!
    I've used old (but CLEAN) wadded up sheets for stuffing and sometimes old sweatshirts that are too "nubby" to wear anymore.
    Once I went to the Jewel/Osco store and asked if I could have their big bag of returned plastic bags and I stuffed little fabric folk art dogs and cats that I had made.
    Aren't you proud of me for recycling!
    (to be honest, at the time I was more concerned about the cost of stuffing! LOL!)
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. Hey Cindi, yeah, I've thought of it that's why the pile is growing for quite some's just getting my butt into gear and making the things that need to be stuffed. I also have a large collection of plastic bags for stuffing! LOL I also have big bags of polyfil taken from all kinds of pillows, washed and bleached, waiting to be used as stuffing.


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