Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harley's Leg Update

I took Harley to the surgeon's office today to confirm whether or not he will need to lose his leg. He does. He will have surgery on Thursday the 20th. It will put the rescue in the hole, (the estimate is around $2000) but it needs to be done and it wouldn't be right to try to wait longer.

He has a few sores on his leg from gnawing on it. Although it is covered most of the time so he doesn't do this, it started right after he got the cast off. I have tried all types of bandages to keep it clean and covered. He is so active that it either falls off or he pulls it off. I've put some darn good bandages on there, too, and they have come off. As soon as one does, he's chewing at the paw and the leg. This is not uncommon, if left to his own defenses he would probably chew it off just by instinct. He does not have feeling in most of the leg and it is in the way.

Although I think the spots look raw and sore and just plain horrible, Dr. Thompson thought his leg looked good. He had mentioned a couple weeks back that dogs will chew on their unfeeling limb. If he thought Harley's leg looked good, I can only imagine what he has seen come into his office.

He had a sock on for the office visit. Partly I wanted to keep it loose enough these past couple days to let some air get to it, and partly for the ease of removal for inspection. It came off a number of times and frustrated the crap out of me. After getting home I wrapped his leg in soft cloth and then duct taped it. I did this last week, too. It works, it doesn't fall off, he can move around, I put extra tape on the area that drags when he walks. He's happy, I'm happy.

Soon he will not have to bother with that lame leg and he will be even happier.


  1. Thank God for Duct Tape!
    I wish I wasn't broker than broke.
    If I had any cash, I'd send it your way.

    You will be surprised how well he will do with out it. My little Kanga gets around great and she just has nubs for front legs.
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. A: he is cute, everyone that sees him thinks so. I like the light brownish pinkish rim on the of skin around his eyeballs.

    C: thanks. It'll all work out as it's supposed to, that's the hardest part of rescue, not having enough money to cover needed veterinary care.

    I'm not worried about him hobbling around, I know they acclimate and I think he'll actually do better without it in the way. He'll feel freer. I know a Dachshund that broke her back and now has no use of the back legs and I swear she gets around faster than when she had all four!


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