Monday, April 16, 2012

Flea Market Sunday

What beautiful weather we had here. How could I not go out and peruse the goods? 

um, and come back with something.

I saw this from afar...after getting it home I realized it felt so familiar to me...I believe I had one when I was much younger. This will be added to my suitcase collection. 

I have collected 4 different colors of plastic sewing baskets but I am not using them for their intended purpose. I have been trying to figure out what type of container I could use for storing office and art stuff. As I've been cleaning out, I have come across the sewing baskets and had an aha! moment. I was going to buy some 'nice' baskets but I have a really hard time with buying new and not vintage. I'm glad I went with this idea and I wasn't even looking when I found this big beauty...

It is in great shape and has it's two inserts. I looked it up on ebay and although prices and sales vary, one sold for $47 in February. $47!! I bought mine from a very nice lady for $3. There was a green one I inquired about at another booth and it was not as in good condition and it didn't have the inserts. She was asking $10. She might get it because of the green color, but I'm a cheap-o and have gotten them for SO much less (and usually filled with sewing notions and scissors) and I like that challenge. 

Of course, I had to rummage through the fabric/linen bin. $5 later and I bought this fabric...

and two vintage sheets...

a tea towel and a pretty thick bath towel made by Sears. 

There was a gold and white one, too, but with some pulls...I'm kicking myself I didn't add it to the pile. I don't usually find them this thick. 

All in all, a satisfied customer. $8.50 spent? coffee and lunch with my boyfriend? Sun shining all day? 

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I hope you had a great day, too!!


  1. Love the fabric. Really love the pattern on the vintage sheets! Glad you had a great day.

  2. I don't care how little it cost, you have stuff going in the wrong direction.

    (love the suitcase)

    1. HA! HA! I have a lot of stuff that I DON'T need that's going in the RIGHT direction...OK, so I'm filling some of those spaces but it's for the sake of organization, and eye candy and storage, and and and.....


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