Monday, April 16, 2012

He Is So Not a Butch

But that's the name he came with.

He should be named 'chicken boy.' He's number 4 in the line of Schnauzers named Butch so I didn't feel right changing it. I keep calling him Buster by mistake. R. calls him every other name but his name. It's just one of those things when the name doesn't fit the dog it's hard to bring the name to your tongue in a split second.

But, he's a good boy and that's what matters. He is getting used to things that normally make him jump...which is just about everything. Bug gives him the 'what for' that's for sure.

He came to us after his owner finally acquiesced to his son's intervention when the man was getting to where he couldn't take care of Butch due to illness. The son and his wife tried to keep him but they have a young Silky Terrier that terrorized Butch and the stress was just too much for everybody. He will make a great pet as he is easy to get along with. He does need some training, teaching him to sit has been a task until I involved chicken, he seemed to learn it pretty quick that day but didn't retain the information very well.

Butch is 8 years old and recently had surgery for bladder stones so he is on a grain free wet food diet to keep things flowing and to help prevent future bouts of stones.

I've had him here for a few weeks and he fit right in in no time, almost like he's not a foster. He loves to be around R. and if R. isn't available he's usually not too far from me. Although he's pretty good at hanging outside with Bug and Hanzie without any complaints. Actually, the only real complaint he has is when I'm not putting his dish of food down fast enough for him!

Update: Butch was adopted by a young couple that fell for his 'grumpy old man face.' He was all over them as soon as they walked in the door. Another match made in heaven. 


  1. I say, change his name. New life, new name.

  2. Yeah, I think it's becoming 'Ralph'


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