Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello Spring! Hello Flea Market!!

I didn't realize the Market was open until R's daughter Madalena suggested we go whilst R. and his youngest went shooting at the gun club. OK. Works for me.

I picked up this old quilt. It has a few holes so it could be patched or used as a cutter, which is more likely. I think it'll be great for making things from it.

Then of course, I couldn't resist these colors...

Oh my! Another scarf to add to my collection. A collection started 27 years ago with a leopard print scarf bought in NYC on Canal Street. A country girl going into the big city with friends. Oh how some memories stay right there in the front of the brain.

I also picked up two water pitchers because I need them. Yes, really, I need them. Really, I'm not kidding. I've been having people over and didn't have vessels for water. I found this one for $5. I really really like it. I've not seen one similar in my travels.


I couldn't help myself...I don't have this color...

yes, another sewing machine -- about 35 pounds of metal. It's an Adler, German made. A company started in the latter part of the 1800's that went through a few hands and product changes. They continue to make industrial sewing machines but stopped production on household machines in 1961. I will clean it up and repair anything that is needed repair. Hopefully, all it needs is a clean up and oiling because I did a search and parts might be a bit difficult to find.

When I was looking at it, even Madalena noticed the styling. Being a vintage car fan herself, she noticed the front 'grille.'

A girl after my own heart. I actually walked away from it to think about whether or not I should make an offer on it and the fact that I don't need it, but oh, the color and style. I went back and offered a cheap price I wouldn't budge from no matter what. He counter offered and I stayed true to my offer. He had no use for it, it had been his mother's-in-law and I'm sure wasn't interested in schlepping it back home. So, it became mine. The carrying case is a mess. I hadn't even looked at the cover and it's blackened top. Apparently it had been stored in the garage and it does smell of oil, so maybe the residue is of oil. It looks like mildew but doesn't smell like it. I'm OK with it because I've been wanting to recover or paint a case but feel like it's sacrilegious if it's in decent shape. I won't have a problem re-vamping this one.

There were more things I could have bought, but being mindful of purchasing mostly what I need and not what I want was my mantra for the day because I'm actually still packing up things for a tag sale...


  1. OMG A sewing machine, are you kidding me, you PICKED UP A SEWING MACHINE AT THE FLEA MARKET? I'm gonna flatten you and all 35 of your sewing machines next time I am in your neck of the woods. Lucky for you I don't drive any more. LOL.

    You are incorrigible.

    And, it is a neat looking machine, never seen one like it before.

    1. I should have added that all the work I've done recently in getting my back and hips 90% functioning properly again went to pot. I had to carry the thing from one end of the market to the other to get to my car. I'm thinking about a half mile. I felt the payback yesterday and am still not walking right.

      Feel better? ;)

      but, hey, I'm going to post a 99 in a Bentwood case on Craigslist today.


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