Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Thrifting We Will Go

A day of thrifting with Angela brought me some nice goodies. At the first shop I found some fabric (go figure) and a skein of yarn. I really like these colors and my mind is whirring with ideas. 

Then at the second shop which had Angela asking a lot of "what's this?" questions, I scoped out as much as possible trying not to spend the whole afternoon there. I think I missed a few things but pretty much looked at or touched 90% of the goods. There was a lot of eye candy. 

I filled my arms with some nice pieces of clothing but only a couple items fit, like this skirt by Ann Taylor and this cool leather purse with a colorful floral print on it which has a vintage vibe to it. 

This shirt I fell for as soon as I saw the cuff peeking out. It's a men's size medium but cut slim enough that paired with a some jeans, my studded belt, skull belt buckle, high heel boots and that colorful bag...awesome, and, it's a Bob Mackie label. Woo hooooo.

Rummaging through the linens I found a few good things but realized they wouldn't really work for what I needed them for, so I put them back. I did walk away with this nice weight and color vintage Martex bath towel...

and two tapestries that I think will become awesome as pillows. 

It's been a lot of fun hanging out with Angela. I was spoiled with good food -- for example, she whipped up yummy scallops and asparagus for dinner, spinach/chicken/walnut/cranberry salad for lunch and we enjoyed a nightly Dilly Bar treat. I dragged her kicking and screaming (not) for a Starbuck's coffee, one of my favorite 'social' things to do when on vacation. We talked, played with the dogs, had an interesting situation when we picked her computer up from the shop, and didn't get tired of each, right Angela?  


  1. I have some ugly, oops I mean retro, towels that you might like. :D

  2. Right! It was a fun visit filled with all kinds of good conversation, food, adventures. Tire of you? NEVER!


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