Monday, April 16, 2012

Damn Dogs

They've been being so good. Leave for 30 minutes, solicitors come to door (there was solicitation in my storm door handle)  3 dogs get hyped up and this is the least that's how I think it went down. I've been here before.

Hanzie is the master of 'eat anything' and Bug is the instigator of 'hey let's play, I'm feeling feisty' and Butch (I have to introduce you to Butch) he probably just stood there not quite knowing what to do but definitely wanting to join in the shenanigans.


  1. The dogs love you and this is their way of telling you to get rid of little balls of yarn, etc. :)

    1. FYI Miss Smarty Pants -- this was a bag that was getting filled with fabric and needlework stuff for donating to a women's prison where they have a program of craft/needle arts. They left the fabric alone deep inside the bag and chewed up some good stuff and strewn it on the sofa, too.

  2. Whoa, you don't have them kenneled or in a "room"? Mine stay in the laundry room while I'm gone (and Blue in my room)....or I'd have nothing left and lots of "presents" around the floor.

  3. Cindi I usually have them in their crates but I've been leaving them out when it's only a short amount of time...back to the crates, it is!


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