Monday, May 2, 2011

Hi My Name Is Geri...

...and I like to smell things.

This is one of the first things Geri might tell you if she could speak. Her nose is always going, but not for the typical things one might think. Geri loves to stick her nose right in front of the opening to the wood stove as I start to light a fire. She twists and turns her head trying to get the right angle to get every scent of it. She gets up on tiptoes to smell the natural soap in the bathroom, she smells (and licks) shoe polish when R. does his shoes each night, and she doesn't turn away from nail polish remover but instead inhales and tries to take a lick of the cotton ball. She's a funny girl like that.

Geri is 4 years old and her markings are what is called 'Parti-color.' She has been with me for a couple weeks and I needed to let her transition to see what type of dog she would be. She came from a family with four boys (need I say more?) It was too crazy for her and they ended up putting her on Prozac. After a year or so of that, they decided she wasn't doing a lot better with the high energy chaos and surrendered her. She is off her Prozac and has settled into a routine of a quieter home and is playful with the other dogs. She likes her crate where she feels safe. She loves to eat but the other night I gave her raw beef with green beans and she ate the green beans, literally delicately picked them out of the meat and ate them, and left the meat. It was very funny. She eats the meat other times when it's mixed with her grain free food, but I guess she was feeling a bit vegetarian that night.

She does have a quirkiness about her. She needs some training although she knows how to sit and I've been teaching her to wait for her dinner. Most of the time she does well with that.

I had six dogs in my house for a few days last week and I seriously do not know how people do it on a regular basis. Actually, the last time I had seven it seemed to work easily, but this time around there was a lot of personality clashing so it creates a tense energy and it's hard for them to focus on my commands.

Today begins a little quieter week with 4 dogs (Hanz, Weezie, Bug and Geri) and we're getting 3 new dogs in. Hopefully, our two other foster homes will be able to take one each.

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  1. Hmmmm, me thinks that she is not only parti-color but a party-dog. Sniffing all those fumes trying to get high. Watch her around spray cans or she might be hiffing them too!
    People with MORE than SIX dogs!?!?!
    What the H E Double L?
    They would have to be crazy! They would probably be banging their heads against the walls in frustration all the time and be screaming "Stop it. Stop it RIGHT NOW" as they all tore around the house! What a lunatic they would have to be!
    Oh well!
    Gotta go, I need some aspirin for this headache and a nice cool beverage for my sore throat.


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