Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Look!!

Wouldn't this be an awesome wall finish to do in your house somewhere? 

I totally swiped the photo from The Linkster Blog. 

I really need to do this somewhere. Probably in more subtle colors but this is very cool. Maybe grey and black. Pink and red would be awesome. Or orange and pink, very bubble gum. Lime green and yellow! Oh, how I could go on. 


  1. sometimes I'm not sure if you are serious or being sarcastic...and it scares me.

    1. TOTALLY SERIOUS!! -- don't be scared.

      So, a big moth stencil in the kitchen wouldn't be your thing, huh? yup, that's the plan...for now...I'm thinking I might need a little more movement in the kitchen, my other idea is a beetle stencil -- BIG BEETLES! woot woot! Yah huhhhhhh! Yes, seriously.


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