Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

OK, I'm a few days late in my well wishes, but I do hope that 2012 is a happy, healthy and productive one for everyone. 

My New Year's beginnings...the good, the bad, the ugly...

Sunday was a beautiful day but I didn't realize that until about 1pm. All morning I felt like I was walking in circles, needing to get things accomplished, but accomplishing nothing. I was waiting for information from two people so that I could schedule my day. Not knowing puts me into a wait and see funk instead of a go with the flow attitude and live on. I was also regretting my decision to not spend the day with R. and his girls, so the waiting and thinking I could have gone with them after all, made me cranky. I basically moved things around, packed some things up, moved things around.

My friend Toni took Rufus for the weekend, to get him away from Lexie. He was crazy boy with Lexie being in heat and really needed some time away from heightened hormone activity. He, apparently, is a very excellent dog. Well behaved, listens, comes when called, and can be off leash on the trails without going out of sight and comes back quickly when called. The down side to the 'off leash on trail' thing? He likes to roll in things. She thought he was rolling in some mud, upon further inspection -- found it to be poop. I got 'THE CALL.' "Help, there's a stream to rinse him in but I need towels." Off I go to save the day.

The friend she was hiking with is an avid exerciser so she had some Pantene Shampoo in her bag of tricks along with a towel. They rinsed him in the stream, doing a quick shampoo, and dried him off. When I came into the parking area where they were he was bundled in a pink towel shivering. It was very cute, really. I put him in the car and as I chatted with the girls, he dried off a little more from the sun, and wanted to get out of the crate to run around again. They were telling me of the whole event, dramatic effects and all and mentioned that they inspected the poop and it was diarrhea. Yikes! the way they said it, I looked at them and with caution, asked..."was it human?" "Yes, they thought so." DOUBLE YIKES!! Yes, you can freely gag with that one. He got a full bath when I returned home with him.

While talking with them I realized how beautiful the day was. I'm very good being a homebody, but with that, I sometimes do not take advantage of the beautiful weather because I get busy in the house. With this weather revelation I thought about what I could do outside for the afternoon. Well, it isn't very exciting to the average bear, but I went into the garage and organized it a bit and packed some stuff up for the thrift store. This is where the sewing machines moved to from the kitchen a few weeks ago, neatly lined up by my hero who did the unforgiving task of moving all those machines. It was a reminder to get on the ball and get them moved along.

Last week I picked up on the side of the road 7 boxes of yarn. The boxes were marked 'free yarn' so what's a recycler to do but put them in the car? But then, I put them in the garage. I went through the boxes and kept a few skeins but mostly cleaned up any added miscellaneous debris and boxed them back up, put them back into the car and off to the thrift store they will go today. It's so refreshing to clear a space.

Sunday night , when R. came home I was a bit off and finally admitted to him the disappointment of the day, that I missed not being with them on such a beautiful day, that I felt I didn't ACCOMPLISH anything. It's something I was holding onto for the day and it effected me with him...once I let my story out, I felt so much better and started to have a lighter heart. I told him about Rufus's adventure and my spirits were lifted.

We had some dinner and watched Grey Gardens. I picked it up from the library a few days before. I read about it a few months ago on some of the blogs I follow and knew I wanted to see it, but forgot about it. Interesting story. I'd like to see the original documentary made in 1975. I will have to look for it. R. thought it interesting and disturbing. I liked it.

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