Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh, The Life

It's been a very busy week. I'm working on a pretty large room changing it from a golden tight color wash to a softer tan-er faux grasscloth/linen look. It's looking pretty awesome, lots of work. I, of course, forgot to take full room 'before' pics, but I have a sliver of the wall with the original faux finish. When I'm done I'll show and tell, hopefully the new finish will show up on camera. 

Speaking of camera. ugh. I've been using mine with lines across the viewing screen for months now. I still hesitate sending it out because I do not want to be without it but those lines are really starting to annoy me. So send it out I must. I just hope they fix it and not email me telling me it'll cost X amount of dollars for a 'refurbished' one with their loyalty program. That's how I got this one because the original crashed to the ground and the shutter broke. But...

This is really what I wanted to share:

Cute puppies keeping warm. A typical scene around here in the colder weather. Lucas LOVES being in front the wood stove and is there 90% of the time. Hanz must have been feeling especially chilly, usually he's on the sofa -- and Bug! well, she doesn't sit still for very long and if I'm doing something, she wants to know what the heck it is. 

Have a great day!!

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