Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lexie Goes Home

Lexie got adopted today!! Woot Woot! The family went to Shelly's to meet Tandy and fell for Lexie. Who wouldn't? She's sweet, quiet and gives delicate kisses. BUT, don't be surprised if we find out that she's a DIVA. I have that sense about her, it's just waiting to come out when she feels comfortable enough. LOL.

She was snuggled up with Hanz until I took the camera out.

Staying warm by the fire and keeping her baby safe. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her and I'd think it was Hanzie. This is one of those moments. 


  1. she's so cute snuggling with her baby.

    your floor looks so nice...maybe I want that instead of painting my floors white....
    and I love your walls in the background...I love my white and black but sometimes, especially when it's grey and cold out, I want COLOR!

  2. I have to have color. I appreciate the black & white but know I'd be itching to put color on the walls every time I looked at them. That's how I am now without any pattern on them...gotta paint more patterns.

    Yes, color helps through the winters especially.


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