Friday, January 20, 2012

Finger vs. Vegetable Peeler

The peeler won.

I sliced the top of my pinky finger. From the center down about a 1/2". The first shave of the vegetable peeler on a grapefruit. In a flash! Slip! Shit! Ouch! Crap! 

The deepest part of the slice? almost 1/4". Blood. Blood. and more blood.

I could probably use a couple stitches, but I did what my dad taught me many many years matter how deep the gash, (And my brother had one looooong deeep gash on the underbelly of his forearm) butterfly stitches will do the trick. So that's what I did...after if finally stopped bleeding.

I just sat down to type, forgetting about the finger and ended up with words missing the letter 'a'. This is not going to be fun. I have work to do and a lot of my work involves water cleanup, plus I can be a little OCD on washing my hands. Injuries on a hand is never a good thing. 

Note to self: no more peeling citrus. Well, that probably won't happen -- SO -- get fingers out of the way when peeling citrus. Ahhhhhh, there we go.


  1. Oh goodness. You have a really sharp peeler! Have never used a peeler on citrus, guess I won't start now. Hope you heal quickly.

    I think our Dads were cut from the same cloth. Butterflies were for cuts and gouges and popsicle sticks were for broken fingers and toes. Iodine was for everything. Green soap was for soaking things that looked nasty. Dilute boric acid was for pink eye. One of my favorites: if you have a boil, duct tape a good size piece of salt pork over it for 24 hours and it draws out the infection. I have a million of them, I bet you do too!

    1. I peel citrus to keep the pith which has good nutritional value.

      Sounds like you have more remedies than me...I'll make sure to call you for any future ailments.


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