Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baking an Easy Bread

Before I was flutting (yes, flutting, not fluttering) around cleaning, I did a little blog perusal, I like to check out blogs that other bloggers I watch have on their lists. Well, somehow I got to this one: Past Life -- vintage living in a modern world. On it, she had a bread recipe found from an old recipe book.

It looked pretty easy, pretty healthy (well, except for the shortening, but it was only 2 Tbls., I suppose I could have changed it to Olive Oil like I usually do) so I made it. I forgot to include the nuts in the mix, so I threw them on top.

Now, I'm eating it. You didn't really think I was going to wait until it cooled all the way before I dove into it! I could eat bread as it is, or toasted, all day long. I slapped some butter on the chunk, it looked dense and moist. It is dense, but it is a little drier in the mouth. I only had 2/3 the amount of whole wheat flour it called for so I imagine maybe it would be a little drier if I had the whole bit. What's a girl to do with slightly dry feeling bread? Add some homemade (not by me) jam.

Better, but a sip of tea would help. I bet it will be good toasted. I'll try that next, which will probably be in about an hour!

When taking the picture I realized how old this jam is. I know it's not been opened since 2006, was just made then, goes to show how long it can keep. It's very good.

Try it yourself, maybe it will come out differently.

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